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I miss people. Come to twitter. http://twitter.com/irkdesu I talk about publishing and books and art and communist beards and web design and programming and tallbikes and lattes. I also learned to grow up a little since 2003, and I... I... I like kittens? C'mon, I'm lonely and I'm tired of interstitial ads just to use this site's basic functionality.

I don't carry any long-term grudges, there's only two people in the world I won't talk to on Twitter and unless a couple of years ago you tried to make me move to Texas and pay for your living expenses you are not either of those people. Seriously, after something like that RPG drama seems pretty inconsequential.

I really am not going to update this journal except for maybe once or twice a year, I have twitter now and also tumblr ( http://http://irkdesu.tumblr.com/ ). So if you want to talk and ask me what's been going on and tell me the same then that's where you need to be! Unless you feel like hitting up cuisinirk on AIM. That's cool. I've met a lot of new people over the years but there's friends I know from LJ that I'll remember forever, regardless of if they ever talk to me again.



I biked 8.36 miles today, and I'm not even DONE yet.


I am alive! NaPoWriMo!

You know the drill - most of my haps are posted about on Twitter under @irkdesu.

Hey, it is April! That means NaPoWriMo! That means I write a poem every day for the month! That means you could go here and read every poem I post!


Stay toasty! To sum up the present, I have a job coding layouts for Drupal and Wordpress, and I live in southeast Portland (Oregon) now in an apartment that I pay for all by myself! I have a cat named Allie and I write fiction and do art. Peacock King's site is a good place to see my fiction, of course, and my design portfolio is here: http://irk.infernalshenanigans.com/

If you are in the Portland area or will be coming up, or going to a convention in the Portland/Seattle area, give me a buzz! We may be able to meet up! Until then, super hugs.

Site's back up!

Right in time for an update.

That's a list of the most recent posts - that way you can catch up if you were wanting to read the Halloween special too. ^_^ 4-part all-out zombie-riffic horror! Remember, any day is a good day for zombies.

(And sometimes you never know where the next uprising will be.)

Dear LiveJournal

Today, I found my first white hair.

(If you want to read the PK Halloween Special but went to the site to find it down, don't panic. We're switching hosts. Hoping to be back up on Tuesday!)



ELECTRI--nah, that's gettin' old.

Part 3 comes tomorrow, on Halloween! Because we said so. (We were actually so busy killing off people that it ran long! Imagine that!)

Peacock King Halloween Special

The dead shall walk the Halls...

This is a two-parter. The story gets wrapped up on Friday. If you haven't read PK or haven't caught up with current chapters, you're safe - this thing's set in prequel-time and is a bonus arc. Also, zombies.

(One of our readers couldn't finish it last night because it was dark outside and she got scared. Isn't that AWESOME? :D )
It's totally easy, you can do it right here.

I know it seems like your voice will be drowned out by the masses, but because so few people write to their officials, the people who write the most are those who are told to by lobbyists. They're usually the fanatics, who are convinced that God wants them to write or America Will Go To Hell. They're a minority, but because of their fervor they SOUND like an awful big majority when all the moderates are silent.

Look, I don't care what you feel about the public option in health care reform - but your representatives DO. Please write to them. Heck, write to them about anything you want, just make yourself heard. Because a minority can sound like a majority when they write, your letter will be assumed to be the feelings of more people than just you.

It's sort of like how when you get two or more comments in favor of/against something, it feels like a whole flood of them, even though only two or three people actually said something. You assume more are in the background, not bothering to add a "me too". It's psychology. Please make your voice heard, it only takes a few minutes.

Under the cut is my letter to Obama. It's not up for discussion and comments are disabled for the simple fact that I already SENT it. If you disagree or agree with it, send him or another representative a letter talking about that. Thank you.

Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret...Collapse )

Do you write? Do you post it online?

Do you want more readers? I have the place for you! It is called WebLit.us. It's a community made for discussion, tips, and resources concerning self-promotion and cross-promotion of all things regarding online literature (fiction, nonfiction, shorts, serials, microfic, poetry, experimental stuff, you name it!). There's also resources on how to improve your web platform and tweak it to attract more readers. It's a new community but we've already got quite a bit of stuff up there. Please come and join us!

Also, we have a webzine we'll be publishing the inaugural issue of in December. It's called WebLit AntholoZine and any of your online writing is eligible to be published in it. WebLit AntholoZine will be available for free online and will be passed out for free at cons. By getting your work into it you'll get exposed to new readers. More on that here!

Joining is easy! If you get a WebLit account and don't get a confirmation email, check your spam folder. That should be it! And if you have any writer friends who publish online or are interested in doing so, please spread the word! Let me know if there are any communities on LJ I should try pimping this out to as well.